Participation at an exhibition begins with an idea or a goal. It’s about a notion communicated in a fraction of a second. The launch of a new product, a new marketing proposition or about encountering new potential clients. But an idea or notion is not enough. It’s about the powerful conversion of that notion into a successful exhibition stand. Through the process of consultation to design and through manufacture to completion. The presentation of your organization in a most creative fashion. And most important, being persuasively convincing.


Zwierink Standbouw knows how that process takes shape and how it must be characterized from a personal approach. By helping think about presentation, behavioural patterns and image. Making your appearance, being seen, and attaining your exhibition goals.


In short: how an idea can be made visible and tangible in the form of an attractive exhibition stand. From concept to manifestation. From notion to success.


Zwierink Standbouw will show you!